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  • Are you tired of spending long hours on the internet searching for a speaker?
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Relax! You can stop searching the internet for hours on end. We’ve matched up hundreds of clients (just like you) with the keynote speakers who helped them create hugely successful events.

We believe that selecting the right speaker is not just about the speaker. It’s about getting results for your participants and making your organization shine. It’s about co-creating an extraordinary and memorable event that makes a difference — for both your organization and your participants. That takes expertise, and you’ll find it here. Here’s what people are saying:

“The entire process from initial contact to program’s end was seamless.”

“I cannot tell you how glad I am that I answered that random phone call from an unknown number that day you called me! Heidi was awesome!”

“Once again, you hit a home run! I’ll be in touch soon to talk about next year.”

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Engage Your Audience with Heart, Laughter and Learning

We’ve hand selected our favorite female motivational speakers for their expertise, experience, unique talents, and ability to co-create a successful event with you. Everyone (including you) can relax, laugh and learn. These speakers have captivated audiences at conferences, association keynotes, and women’s night out events. We specialize in women’s health, heart health, cancer education and survivor events, and nurses programs. And by the way, a few of our speakers happen to be men. Browse our speaker directory here, or get personal assistance now by giving us a call at 503-699-5031.


A Personal Note from Barbara

Finding the perfect keynote speaker for your special event is my personal passion. On this site, you'll find my favorite motivational speakers for womens, healthcare, cancer survivor and nurses events and conferences. I have hand-selected each one because I know who they are personally and professionally, and I'm confident they will light up the room for you while fulfilling your event goals and shining a bright light on your organization. Continued...

Barbara Christenson

Founder, The Speak Well Being Group